Trevor W. Goodchild 

Trevor Goodchild is on a mission to help students and adults develop the leadership skills and confidence needed to live their dreams. From homeless teen living in a cardboard box to college graduate and book author, he’s changed lives through motivational speaking & life coaching for 14 years. 

Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Trevor is living his dream of empowering others with positive thinking. Whether he's speaking on conflict-resolution or inclusive teaching this in-demand speaker shares rich content in a down-to-earth way that speaks the truth and gets the audience moving fast towards a sense of purpose and self-worth. 

Why: Because your business needs it!

Speaking Topics Include: 

Winning With Trevor Experience Self-Care Success Skills 

Motivational speaking for the youth on conflict-resolution, leadership skills, problem-solving, self-acceptance and the importance of college. This includes a mid speech freestyle rap performance based on the school's mission statement and/or presentation topics, a Q&A, and interactive exercises with the students. 

Bridging the Gaps Winning the Classroom  

Discover how to motivate students to share responsibility for the class's grades as a mutual goal through increased self-efficacy, leadership skills & conversations that facilitate inclusive learning in diverse classrooms and create a win-win situation resolving class conflicts with validation & boundary redirects.

Business Conference speaking engagement topics include: 

  • Leadership Lessons - Learn how to delegate, communicate and motivate
  • Finding Your Why - Discover how to use your sense of purpose to increase productivity 
  • Foster Care Survivor - How the foster care system works & insights on family 
  • How to Rap - A fun presentation that teaches the basics of rhyme-time & how to write your 1st rap
  • Success, Happiness, Personal Responsibility & Self Awareness - Find out how to use these maxims in daily life  

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Wondering if it's worth it? Watch this...

“Trevor has overcome homelessness to attend college. In 30 years of teaching, I have never seen anyone take to education like Trevor. He loves it. He soaks it up. He aspires to goals no one else in his family ever considered.”  

Dr. David Lydic - Austin Community College